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Yes, It's True! We've moved!

As of September 2009, API Legal Outreach has finally moved into our new building at 1121 Mission Street, San Francisco. After four years of struggle and a final effort by volunteers to paint, do finishing work, pack and move, we are now close to realizing our dream of a permanent home for the organization’s social justice services. The building not only provides three floors of space for our diverse programs including legal services and advocacy, youth services, technical assistance and training, but also greater access to our services from throughout the Bay Area with its proximity to public transportation.

Much of the finishing work had to be cut from the construction budget so we are slowly doing the work now. We call it sweat equity! Interior design was another casualty of the budget cuts so we are mixing and matching our used furniture, volunteer painted walls, and original community art. Board and Staff are planning the grand opening event for the building tentatively scheduled for May 2010 so please check back or call for details.

Meanwhile, all projects are up and running as we have seen an increased demand for services across all programs. Not only has the economy caused greater suffering boosting needs for services but we have also become much more accessible bay area wide. The SOMA neighborhood has welcomed us and we in turn have dedicated ourselves to the strengthening of this under-served community.

Our Campaign Continues: The Kresge Challenge

API Legal Outreach was fortunate to be awarded a $130,000 challenge grant from the Kresge Foundation. Every dollar we raise will be matched by the Foundation to help with building expenses and the mortgage. Please help us establish a center for community services by supporting our project. The Strengthening Lives, Building For Our Future capital campaign is more than three-quarters of the way to our goal of $1 million dollars. Meeting this Challenge grant will put us over the top. Please contact me for further information on our campaign and the giving options.

The We-Need-It List

With the buildings costs, our cash flow is tight so as equipment breaks down, we are hard pressed to replace it. Computers and flat panel monitors would be put to very good use by our staff. Other items on our wish list: small wooden office desks, 4+ drawer lateral filing cabinets, heavy duty vacuum cleaner, carpet shampooer.

Once again, we thank you for your support all these years. Although we have finally settled into the new space, we still appreciate daily this amazing accomplishment you have made possible. Thank you, again!

Dean Ito Taylor

almost there!

We know that it’s been so long since we began this project that many think we have already moved in and wonder why our address hasn’t changed.  I am happy to report that we are making slow but steady progress.  We have developed this site to give you the latest news on the building. We have included some photos of the construction so you can see the progress.
 Time Capsule Event Photo
At our time capsule event (left) held last summer, we received contributions such as historical photos, written materials, magazines, and art that will be buried in the building. Through your generosity, we raised over $18,000 from our donation drive at last year’s Luau By The Bay at Google with Sam Choy, and we were honored to receive nearly $12,000 more from our year end donation solicitation. 

Thank you so much for your support during a rough time for everyone! Due to the escalating costs of the rehabilitation construction, late last year we reduced the project’s budget by eliminating parts of the construction scope of work.  Many of those costs were increased as the city imposed more requirements on the project.  With the cooperation and generosity of Am One, our contractor, and with the invaluable assistance of Asian Neighborhood Design, we have revised the scope of work for the project and reduced costs by about 20%.

We now hope to have construction completed by the end of May and then the final inspection by the city toward the receipt of our permit of occupancy by June. Now, we are asking for volunteers to help paint, to assist in doing some finishing work especially in the kitchen, to advise us on interior design, and to refer us to carpeting.  Contact us to volunteer!

We hope to give you more good news as we approach the completion of construction.  And, you certainly will be invited to the opening.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

Thanks again for your ongoing support!

Dean Ito Taylor

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